Steps to Create Customized Articulate Skin

Mar 13, 2012

Hello There,

After using Articulate to create elearning modules, I now feel tired of the same look and feel and navigation options. Earlier I tried some free Articulate Custom skins, and some of them looked excellent including the ones I got from this community itself. Now I am thinking about the ways to create a custom skin myself. But I don't know even the basics of creating a custom skin. Can any of the community members help me by explaining the method to create custom skins? Do I require any particular tool for that? Do I need to learn any particular web based or computer based language for that purpose, such as XML, or HTML? Is there a way to edit the free custom skins available online?

Thank You

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David Anderson

Hey Tom - Creating custom skins requires some deep knowledge of Flash and ActionScript 2. There are some things you can do quickly--without Flash programming skills--to customize the player. Check out Dave's post on how he built a custom player. 

Most folks offering skins--free or custom--don't include the source Flash files, so you'll need to work with the published output files as a starting point. If you had a specific look and feel in mind, you could contract out the player skin development and request the source files as part of the deliverable. Just an idea.

But in terms of skills, you're looking at mostly Flash AS2 programming with some XML sprinkled in.

Aman Dubey

ashok gupta said:


I want a customized articulate skin urgently. Any one can help. please write to me along with the costs involved.

Hi Ashok ,

We offer more than 30 articulate skin designs ready for download at the unbelievable price of 250$ or 10K INR , visit

 we also build customized articulate skins and widgets

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruno,

I believe that Dave Mozealous took down his site - and as such the content is no longer accessible. Sorry that it's unavailable for you - but perhaps you could reach out to other folks in this thread using the 'contact me' button on their profile to see if they were able to create something that they could share with you. 

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