Story Line vs Presenter Studio 12

I know these are differant products and have viewed the product comparison.

However, I can only have one.

I already use Studio 9 pretty well, and have come to understand and enjoy using the program. The improvements offered in 12 look pretty good.

But this situation has me buying neither!

It seems Articulate has introduced an effective competitor and buying one of either is as much as most of us can afford.

Anyone else faced with this challenge?


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David Anderson

Hi Pete,

In addition to Peter's suggestion, you could check out this Storyline vs Studio '09 comparison:

Users also started a really great thread that outlines the reasons to purchase Storyline: That should give you a good idea around what users see as the main reasons to purchase Storyline.

It really comes down to what type of authoring environment you prefer to work in. If you like the PowerPoint environment, form-based authoring and dont require software sims or freedom to create any type of interaction, then Studio will always be your best option. If you want the freedom to build virtually anything or create software simulations, then Storyline will be the best option.

Hope that helps!

Rebecca Mac

I am in the process of helping decide whether to eventually upgrade to Presenter 12 or go with Storyline. The triggers are great in Storyline and if you don't know powerpoint very well, it might not matter as much to you. But if you already use Presenter with Powerpoint, you will find that the object animation selection in Storyline vs. powerpoint is limited. We are able to do a lot of interesting motions on a slide within powerpoint.  I realize that you can do it in Storyline by recording the animations in Powerpoint and saving it in a video then adding it into Storyline, but that seems a little cumbersome.

Will be interesting to see how the improvements to Articulate Studio '12 compare.