Storyline 2 killed Quizmaker '09

My manager asked me to try Storyline 2. After determining it would not meet our needs, I uninstalled it.

However, when I went back today to try an republish an Articulate '09 presentation, it tells me it can't with the error: "Unable to create an instance of Articulate Quizmaker."

I uninstalled Studio '09 and reinstalled the entire package, putting in my registration info and it still gives me this error wen I click on the Quizmaker Icon in PowerPoint 2007.

I have never had this issue and I tried 2 different projects. I can update the quiz in Quizmaker running that separately, but not from within PowerPoint.

I checked the add ins and they are correct.

When I trying publishing with the Quiz updated I get a message: "You need Articulate Quizmaker '09. Would you like to download a free trial now?: which makes no sense wince I have a registered version on my computer already.


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Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Leslie - wow - fast response - thanks!

I actually tried that just after my post. Just did a reboot and that did not help. Also went through the registry looking for earlier Quizmaker '09 references from earlier updates. Found two for 1009.1313 and deleted those but still no good.

Oddly enough, I am trying out Studio '13 on my home computer today and not my work computer, as I did not want o mess around with my working '09 version on my work computer.....yes well.

Just to be clear:

1 - I can launch Quizmaker '09 by itself or by double clicking on a .quiz file without a problem

2 - I can not insert a Quiz slide into Presenter '09 when clicking on the Icon in Power Point 2007 (checked add ins)

3 - If the Quiz slide is already in a presentation, clicking on Edit in Quizmaker generates this error:

Hope this provides the 'key' to understanding this issue!

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the update Jeff.

Sounds like you are doing everything right, as this is our suggestion:

You may see thiserror when adding a quiz to an Articulate Presenter '09course:

Unable to create an instance of Articulate Quizmaker.

Here's how to fix it:

  1. Repair Articulate Studio '09.
  2. Verify that the Articulate add-ins are properly enabled in PowerPoint.

Since this is not working for you, the next step would be tofollow the troubleshooting steps in this article. It's a little more thorough that just uninstall/reinstall.

Jeff Schlaybach

A little more through - uninstalling Microsoft Office!? I work in a remote location and having IT do this is really problematic and very time consuming. Any chance I could just uninstall Studio '09 and run the registry clean-up as per this step, w/o removing Office?

Right-click the PRE.bat file, and select Run as Administrator. (This deletes the Studio registry keys and prepares the computer for a clean re-installation. It should only take a few seconds.)

Jeff Schlaybach


I followed the instructions in the article you mentioned above, w/o uninstalling and reinstalling Office. I also used regedit to eliminate other references to Articulate. Things seem to be working correctly now!!!

The only other thing I hadn't thought of, besides trying out Storyline 2 before these trouble started, was I installed Windows Movie Maker. I will reinstall that and see if that was the culprit (hopefully not).

Cindy Plunkett

Thanks Jeff for the update, I just ran into the same issue.  I am using Storyline 2 alot but had to go back and update a Presenter project for a client and couldn't get into my Quizmaker any more.  After trying to Repair and then Uninstalling and Reinstalling Studio I am not going to try your steps above in the hopes that I don't lose any more precious hours.