Straight lines not straight when published

I have an issue in which I draw a straight line in Powerpoint 2010 and Articulate makes it appear slanted. 

I did a search and found that someone else had this issue a little over a year ago:

Was this ever addressed? I suppose I can use a rectangle for the time being.

Thanks in advance.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Arend,

Tx for posting this. I wasn't aware of the problem, but when I checked it out, for vertical lines in PPT 2010, it is indeed true for me as well, and I wouldn't have known how to fix it. At the link you posted, the suggestion is to change the 3D rotation. Did you try that? It worked for me to fix a vertical line. It says:

  1. Right-click the line or arrow, and select Format Shape.
  2. Select the 3-D Rotation tab on the left side of the window.
  3. Subtract one-tenth (.1) of a point from the Z Rotation Axis.  Here are some examples:
    • If the Z axis is currently 0, change it to 359.9.
    • If the Z axis is currently 90, change it to 89.9.
    • If the Z axis is currently 180, change it to 179.9.
    • If the Z axis is currently 270, change it to 269.9.
  4. Click the Close button.

I have another question about this though. It looks to me like the color has changed slightly (I actually have two horizontal and vertical lines beside each other so I can see the difference between the modified one and the original). If instead of using 3D rotation, I change the regular rotation by one degree, the color looks the same and it appear to "fix it." ... So I

  1. Right-click and select Format Shape.
  2. Select the Size tab on the left side of the window.
  3. Subtract one degree (tenths aren't allowed here) from the rotation degree. So with a vertical line set to 0 degrees, I type in 359. BTW, Rotation is near the top of the window, under the SIZE choices.

Now, my "eye" for straight lines isn't the best, so I'm curious to know whether this DOES in fact achieve the same result, and whether the color difference I'm seeing with the 3D fix is real.