Strange problem with lesson on CD

My lesson contains six flash movies that range in size from 90 to 199KB. They are each on their own slide and are set to launch in a new browser window. The lesson works fine on my computer. Each movie runs without any glitches. It's perfect.

I  have copied it to a CD. It's too big (643MB) to fit through the email gateway as an attachment to my partner and we're ultimately going to need to distribute it physically anyway.

But the movies won't run on the CD lesson. They are there - present in the swf folder, and I can run them by clicking on them. But the Flash icons are all missing from the individual slides, so evidently the links got deleted in the process of copying to the CD!

WT . . .?

What's going on here that would make this happen?

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Helen Tyson

Hi Pete

Did you publish your course before putting it on CD or did you put the source files onto the disc? 

If you put the source files on a disc the flash movies won't play because the course will still be looking for them in their original location, this is because the links Presenter uses between PowerPoint and other media are absolute links.  Try using the Articulate Package option found in the File>Send to menu in PowerPoint and putting the resulting zip onto the disc, this way your colleague can unpackage them and the links will be maintained.

If you published your files did you use the CD option, or one of the others?



Pete Flynn

A colleague just came in here and smacked me after finding out I had simply copied the lesson to the media. I should have republished with the CD option selected!! Now it's OK. Whew!

Nooob error. I've been "using" since Studio 5 but this was the first experience with a CD. I wish I could have deleted my post before you answered.