Strange text displays

I have a course in Presenter I'm trying to update. I last worked on it in September 2017. When I publish it, the fonts and text are all displaying incorrectly. Some of the words are too close together, some run off the screen, some are doubled. I've attached a few screenshots. Any idea what causes this? I can upload the actual course if needed.

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for sharing those screenshots, Stephen. Yikes, that certainly looks strange!

Is this happening with all of your Presenter projects or just this one? Also, do you see the same issues during preview?

Lastly, we'll take you up on the offer of looking at the course so we can test why this is happening. 😊You can add the Articulate Package by using the Add Attachment button in your reply or upload it via this private link

Stephen Calhoun

I haven't checked all of them, but it's happening in at least 2 of them. Yes, the text looks strange in preview mode as well.

Course is attached. The file is really large. I"m not totally sure why that is. There used to be videos in the course but there aren't any longer, so I don't know if that's messing something up.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stephen.  Thanks for sharing your file!  I saw some "squished" text as well and slides that didn't seem to fit all of the content.  I realize it's been awhile since you last worked with this file, but do you remember ever changing the slide size, either last year or currently?  When I changed the slide size to the 16x9 ratio, the content seemed to fit better, though there was still some objects that needed to be shifted around.

If you didn't make any size changes, we can get you into a case so our support team can have a closer look at why this happened!