Strange title after publishing in the index_lms.html file

I just started experiencing this problem after publishing a presentation.  I'm not sure if its caused by Presenter or Quizmaker but here's what I'm seeing in the <title> brackets.

<TITLE>Civility and Professionalism in Nursing Practice Ulearn 2012</TITLE>

I will have the same type of character string even when working on other presentations.  I have checked that my title is properly formatted in both the presenter publish fields and in quizmaker.  I've reinstalled both applications and that has not corrected the problem.  I have to manually open the index_lms.html file and change the title between the braces.  If I leave it as is, my LMS rejects the file upload.

Any thoughts on what may have changed? 

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Peter Anderson

Hi Gayle, welcome to Heroes!

Just to be sure, you don't have any special characters in your course title? You might also want to refer to this Word of Mouth Blog article, which outlines common issues pertaining to viewing and tracking content in an LMS.

I'd also be sure to package your Studio files properly for your LMS using the method described in this article.

And if you're not able to resolve the issue, you're always welcome to submit a support case, and we'll be happy to work with you to get it resolved. Thanks!

Gayle Quinte

I am reaching out again as I am still experiencing this issue. 

To date I have uninstalled the entire Studio 09 package, I have reinstalled Microsoft Office and verified my titles are correct in the project prior to publishing.  The offending title only appears in the project when published to Presenter.  I can c reate a quiz in QuizMaker and not have the same issue.  The player.html and the index_lms.html files will display the title as ASCII characters. I have to go into both files and correct the titles so they load correctly to the LMS.  The number of ASCII characters matches up with the number of characters in the "real" title".  So, as an example, if I name the project  testTwo.ppt and publish, I will get this title in both the player and index_lms html files:


In any published file the character change and match exactly with the ASCII character set alternate.  Is there a setting in Publisher that I need to check and change?!?