Student Tester Complaints - Restart Behavioiur Not Intuitive


I have a 17 module course that students must take for insurance purposes.  The course is presented in a SCORM 1.2 LMS.  To ensure that the students do not jump ahead when taking the course, I have set the navigation mode to restricted.

Everything works fine except when the students have completed a lesson and want to review it.  Having already viewed the module/lesson/Articulate Presentation, a number of students have responded no when asked whether they want to resume where they left off - because they finished the module and do not want to start viewing the slides at the last slide.

When the respond no, the program takes them back to the beginning of the slides as expected.  However, if the student wants to jump ahead to view a slide, it's as though they have never seen the course and they are not allowed to jump ahead to any slides that they have not seen during the review session.

I thought this behaviour might be be due to the way that my LMS was interpreting the SCORM data - but found out that it wasn't.  The lesson_mode was changed to "review", the slide viewed history remains intact and the last slide visited remains in the scorm data and the status remains complete.  

After much back and forth with Support, found that Articulate is indeed operating as designed.  

My questions is to the community are has any one else

  1. found this to be a problem - i.e. students who want to review a lesson but do not want to start at the end and are not able to freely navigate in the lesson 
  2. If so, - come up with any work-arounds.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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Roger Swetnam


I am required to demonstrate that the students have not fast-forwarded through the instructional material so I must keep the restricted mode on.

With regards to your suggestion "that is the behaviour you would expect", it might be what you would expect - but it is not what some of my testers and I expect.  I and a number of testers have interpreted the question "Would you like to resume where you left off" as a question about where in the presentation I would like to start viewing - not would I like to completely abandon my history regarding presentation and start a completely new attempt.  

If the question is really meant to mean would you like to start as a completely new attempt, why are you keeping the SCORM slide viewed history, the lesson_status as "complete" and the mode as "review"?

Now, while you may argue about whether my testers interpretations and my interpretation about the meaning of the question was not correct in terms of how the program works, the fact is that that's how they/I interpreted it.  Pesky users....

So, my problem is that I have dealing with pesky users who are interpreting the resume question in a certain way and trying to figure to deal with their apparently wrong perceptions.


Phil Mayor

Yes it is the behaviour I would expect, and probably not the behaviour my users would expect, to be honest I dont use restricted because you cannot open it up after the user has completed it and in that way it frustrates users, I see why people may use it, but I would always find another way of achieving this without locking the course. 

I also think it is important to seperate the course behavior from the lms behaviour, which is very difficult for users, but as an elearning designer there is a real distinction because you may have different criteria set in the lms that cannot be set in the scorm and vice versa

You can always change the text on the popup, to something like would you like to continue where you left off, if you answer no this will start a new attempt,I am sure you can come up with something better than I have. 

I always hate going out to testing because it can create real problems it necessary but can also compromise some of your design decisions