Studio 09 and TalentLMS

I having problems getting talentLMS to recognize settings in Studio. I published 4 versions ()each of the value pairs), with a setting of only one attempt for the final quiz. However, the LMS doesn't recognize this setting and returns a "Not completed" message and allows another retake of the quiz. Has anyone else faced this problem? 

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Michael. 

The setting to only allow one attempt is per session. That means if an end-user revisits the course, they can retake the quiz again. If you are trying to limit the number of attempts so that a user cannot retake the course if someone fails, you would want to use Passed/Failed or Completed/Failed and your LMS would need to interpret the Failed status so that it removed the course from the user's catalog. That is totally dependent on the LMS and something you would need to ask your LMS about. 

I would also suggest going through the steps in this article, particularly testing the content in SCORM Cloud so you can determine if your issues are LMS specific.