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JB ...

Hello - just wondering if there have been any changes regarding the incompatibility of Studio 09 and PowerPoint 2016. I guess the question is, for Studio 09 owners who have upgraded to PowerPoint 2016, does this mean that we are just unable to use our software unless we pay for an upgrade? I get the business end of it, but not real happy about feeling like I'm being forced to pay again for something I've already payed for. Thanks

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi JB, 

We've not made any changes to the compatibility of Studio '09 with newer versions of Powerpoint. Since this version of Studio was released well before the latest versions of Powerpoint, unfortunately, it's not supported and not on our roadmap to add it. 

If you have questions about upgrading, please reach out to our Sales team, they'll be happy to help!