Studio '09 Storyboard images in WORD always at 60%

I realize many in this forum have moved onto Studio '13 or Storyline, but for various reasons (LMS not supporting anything but '09 the biggie) we are stuck in '09 world (also issues in '13 feature set/bugs that we've already submitted bug reports in the past).

We really like the publish-to-WORD storyboard feature but unfortunately, the middle column produces by default very small images, set to 60%. (See attached screen shots)

Is there some way to change the default column widths and/or image size without having to edit the WORD doc each time? 

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Jeff Schlaybach

Found this VBA code that will go through all images in a WORD 2007 doc and resize the images to 100%.


Would still be nice to know if there is a way to do this but tweaking some Presenter file (.js file perhaps) to do this at time of Storyboard creation.