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We are working with a Company who needs a whole host of modules produced now, but ultimately they want HTML5 compatibility to access through iPads/mobiles etc.  Will modules created and published in 09 be easily converted in 13?  And is there ANY indication of when 13 will be released.  Do we also know whether 13 will be completely Windows 8 compatible - life is getting very complicated!

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Odunayo Olowe

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response. I think I buy the virtual machine idea. My only fear now is if I overwrite Studio 09 with Studio 13, re-installing 09 later will require me contacting you guys again for a re-activation (i.e. licence). Is there a way I can just temporarily lock out the licence of my Studio 09 on my PC before uninstalling and later put it back after re-installing, maybe on the Virtual machine.

Kindly revert.

Thank you.

Tony Mills

The issue with Studio 09 and IE 11 (and 9 & 10) compatability is forcing us to look seriously at upgrading to Studio 13. But after reading this thread, we will run Studio 13 on a separate computer, while continuing to operate with Studio 09 on the machine we use for course preparation. Only when we have opened, edited, reviewed and published to an LMS all the courses using Studio 13 will we abandon Studio 09.  So we have downloaded 13 as a free trail while we do this.  What we have never done before, and don't know how to do, is to transfer copies of the courses (about 10) including all their interactions, quizzes, and embedded video to the Studio 13 machine, in such a way that they will open and that pathways to the content files will work without having to reset each one.

A quick look at the Presenter 13 page immediately raised the question, "What's happened to ATTACHMENTS"?

The real question is whether we can transfer seamlessly to Studio 13, with our Studio 09 experience.? Are there any tricks to this?

Another question is whether Articulate is taking the issue of Studio09/IE compatability seriously.  Their performance so far suggests not. Is that to "persuade" people to upgrade?  If so, why are people - apparently from this forum - finding it so difficult?

Christine Hendrickson

Hello Jon,

If you need to move your project files to another machine, it would be best to create a Presenter Package - this will enable you to move the entire project or projects to the new machine. Once you have them on the machine with Studio '13, you can upgrade the project. 

Here's how you can create the package:

Articulate Presenter Package

Attachments in Presenter '13 are available as "Resources":

Adding Resource File Links to Your Articulate Presenter ’13 Course

As for the IE 11 issue - your inquiry has perfect timing :)

Quite a few of us have been working with this issue and waiting for additional information. We heard news from our QA department yesterday that yes, we will be providing a fix for this soon. We can't give an exact date or time frame for this fix, but this is something that's currently in the works. We do know this is important to many and we don't have any intention of ignoring the issues with the new version of Internet Explorer. 

Please be sure that you subscribe to this thread as well as follow us on our social pages:

We'll be sure to announce the release of any new updates on those pages, as well as here on the forums.



Tony Mills

Thanks Christine for all that, and we have moved on quite a long way! Using the Packages we transferred some courses to another computer with a free trial of S13 on it.  These opened quite smoothly, and the quizzes and interactions were OK. The Attachments from S9 transferred into Resources OK. 

The videos (You Tube links) may be a problem, but we'll let you know!

So far so good, but there is now one last hurdle. It is very important for us to force a dwell time on slides that have text and graphics but are not Engage or quizzes. The control for setting a minimum time for ANY slide without animations does not work for us, as we need to set a different time for each slide, depending on its content. We also need to allow a student to spend any time above the minimum that they feel they need; some are non-English speakers.

In S9 we used silent .wav files to achieve this, together with  the navigation control in the Player Template that prevented a student from clicking in the  seekbar to move the marker forwards. We also set the Slide Navigation control so that students could only see a slide when they had viewed all previous slides. 

In S13 the ability to do this seems to have disappeared! Slide navigation seems to have migrated to slide properties, with a choice of "free" or "locked", whatever that means. A user can click Next at any time and move on to the next slide, without waiting for the minimum time (created by the silent file) to elapse.

Can you advise on how we can get S13 to do what S9 did quite easily? It's a deal-breaker for us. Much as we may want the features of S13 (eg html 5 etc) if we cannot control the way the courses are used in the way that we could with S9, we have to stay with S9.

May i beg you not to send me trawling through endless articles that are not quite relevant to the question? I just need to know if we can force different minimum times for slides, using a silent file or any other means, and if so how.



In S13 we have re-installed the silent files on the slides they were on, and have disabled the "Allow user to seek within seekbar" in Player>Other>other.  But

Tony Mills the last post.......I have got to the information about using the Locked/Free option in Slide Properties. But this does not provide the functionality we had in S9, when the user could click Next Slide, or the Advance arrow, as soon as the minimum set time had elapsed, and the seekbar had reached the right-hand end of the bar.  Having to create a hyperlink to move on the the next slide is absurd, to be frank.

If S13 simply does not provide the functionality of S9 so far as this is concerned, please let me know and we'll all stop wasting our time trying to find a work-round.

In that case, the issue of S9 and Internet Explorer 11  compatability comes back into prominence.  Your comment "we will be providing a fix for this soon. We can't give an exact date or time frame for this fix, but this is something that's currently in the works. We do know this is important to many and we don't have any intention of ignoring the issues with the new version of Internet Explorer" is encouraging, but we really need to know what "providing a fix for this soon" actually means, in terms of weeks rather than months or years.

With regards


Tony Mills

It's now 2 weeks since I requested the information in the last answer would be helpful.

I'm also getting no answers from the UK agent Omniplex or from Articulate support.

If the question is too difficult, or has highlighted a serious failing in Studio 13, I wish that someone would say so If not I wish that someone would come up with a solution!

If Articulate intends to remove the IE 11 glitch in S9, please say so, but a bit more information than "our people are working on it" which is not very convincing.  If there is no such intention, please come clean about it.


Mike Taylor

Hi Jon! Sorry for the delay and confusion.  There are actually two places in Studio '13 with setting that impact how this works. As you mentioned, the Slide Properties is one of those. The other is Menu Settings-Navigation Restriction.  ( Articulate tab » Click the Player button » Click the Menu button » Click the gear icon "Additional Settings")

If you set this to Restricted learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides.

If you turn off the seek bar and set the navigation option to Free in the Slide Properties you should get the behavior I think you're looking for. 

Here is a super quick example. Is this what you want it to do? 

Tony Mills

Thanks Mike......I had got to Restricted navigation, and the Slide Properties controls, but neither gave me the  minimum dwell times, different for each slide, that we need.

However......further playing with Studio 13 seems to indicate that we can import silent .wav files to control minimum dwell times, just as we could in Studio 09, at the same time as restricting navigation to the next slide or slides already seen, and not allowing a stduent to move on until the minimum time, or all the tabs in Engage, have been viewed.  We haven't yet tested this fully...... the moment are dealing with other problems with Studio 09 to keep our business functioning at all (I've raised a new thread on this....we can't get rid of the EXIT button in Player (I know, we have, repeat have unchecked the EXIT TAB box and saved it!); we have to do this for a SCORM LMS that we are using.