Studio ’09 Update 8 & Flash Player 10.2

Studio ’09 Update 8 & Flash Player 10.2

I downloaded this update yesterday after receiving the eMail from Articulate, but have just realized that I should not install the update at this time.  I don't remember if I ran the update after I downloaded it (I know... I have the attention span of a gnat!).

When I open Articulate Presenter and choose "About", here's what version I have installed:

V6.3.1103.112 Pro

Can anyone tell me if I indeed installed this updated version (Studio ’09 Update 8 & Flash Player 10.2) or not?

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Brian Batt

Hi Jim,

Articulate content always publishes targeting Flash Player version 6.0.79.  So, as long as your end-users have at least Flash Player 6.0.79, they shouldn't have any problems.

In regards to the update, it fixes issues for people that already have Flash Player 10.2.  So, it's not necessary to update your end-users Flash Player version.