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Aug 02, 2012

Hi all,

I know this question has been asked time and time again, but I was wondering if we have inched any closer to knowing the Articulate Studio '12 release date. I am currently exploring the option of Storyline; however, I don't want to invest time and money into Storyline if Articulate were to come out a month later.

Also, I was wondering if there was any sort of discount on Articulate Studio '12 if we purchase Storyline were to be release shortly thereafter.

Kind regards,


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Peter Anderson

Hey Ian,

Thanks for asking about Studio '12. It's still in development and will soon enter beta testing. We don't have a confirmed launch date at this time, but if you'd like to participate in the beta, please send your request to, and the beta administrator will contact you with instructions. In the meantime, you can preview the new features in Studio '12 here. And here's an older thread with some discussion about Studio '12 vs. Storyline. 

Please feel free to contact our sales team for pricing-related questions. 


Smaragda Papadopoulou

I’ve beusing studio’ 09 since its first release and I’ve recently tried out Storyline.I noticed on the Preview Page of Studio ’12 that the player of the new Studiois more like the one Storyline has. I was wondering whether the “view modetoggle button” that appears on Articulate Presenter' 09 Player on the right lowercorner will be included in Studio 12, since in Storyline such a feature ismissing. Moreover, I would like to ask if engage interactions created withStudio 09 will function properly in Studio '12 (will there be something like a converterenabling us to easily convert interactions or interactions should be developed fromscratch again to be compliant and HTML5 friendly)…  Thank you in advance!

Peter Anderson

Hi Smaragda, welcome to Heroes!

Thanks for asking about our next Studio release I can't share which specific features will be included, such as a view toggle button, but I'm happy to share that you will be able to easily import all of your Studio '09 creations into the new version of Studio and publish them to Flash, HTML 5 or iOS.  

Welcome again!

Peter Anderson

Hey Jamie, welcome

Yup! The new Studio will indeed support publishing to the Articulate Mobile Player in cooperation with Tin Can. Have you had a chance to check out the preview yet? Some really cool and exciting features are coming your way. 

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Welcome again!
Jamie Smith

I just found out that the mobile player does not support offline viewing for Tin Can content.

Can we expect to see offline viewing for Tin Can content in the near future?

I'm sure you've heard this question before.

We're using our own LMS to support the Tin Can communications and would love to enable our users to download and view content offline with tracking and synchronization back to the LMS when a connection is made.


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