Studio 13 - Audio Lagging in Video Demonstration

Has anyone had this problem.  I created a demo and then did the voiceover separately.  When I play it, it's fine. 

When I load it to a website, it lags.  When others open it on their computers, even from the unzipped package, it lags.  They have to back it up (sometimes let it go through the entire slide in silence then back it up) to get the audio to play properly.

Originally, I recorded the video in Snagit,. the loaded the video and recorded the audio using Articulate's narration function.  Help! What can I do to marry the audio to the video so that there is no lag?

Should I use Microsoft Movie Maker or try to run the it through Replay?  I don't want to do either portion again.  The stakeholder is pleased with the final product if I can get it to play correctly.

Thanks in advance for any assistance the community  can provide.




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Dave Neuweiler

I think the issue is caused because your audio and video are playing as separate functions. Since they are separate, in order to be synchronized, they must both load and start at exactly the right moment.

Fix this by embedding the audio into the video file, so that they as a single function.

You should be able to do this easily in Replay.

First use the Articulate Audio Editor to export your narration to either a WAV or MP3 audio file.

Next, open Replay (New Project) and import your video file. Then, import the audio file. Both will appear on Track A; just drag and drop the audio to Track B.

You may have to slide the audio on the timeline to get the synchronization exactly right.

Once you publish this, you'll have a single file -- audio and video -- that will play the same way every time.