Studio 13 compatibility with Captivate 6?

I need to create some simulations in Captivate and wrap them in an Articulate course. In the past I have used Captivate 4 and Articulate 09. But now I've got Captivate 6 ... which I understand does not work with Articulate 09 because of the Actionscript 2 vs. 3 issue. Because I want the interactivity of the simulations, I don't think I can use the 'Insert as Web Object' solution. So ... my question is, does Captivate 6 play nicely with Articulate 13? I don't see this question addressed anywhere, and don't want to upgrade without knowing that this is going to work. I'm talking about a fully interactive simulation from Captivate being imported in Articulate without losing any functionality or having any issues. Has anyone tried this yet?

Thanks in advance for anyone's experiences on this.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marge,

I'm afraid I haven't worked with Captivate and Studio '13. I would, however, recommend reaching out to the community members over on the Building Better Courses section. 

That might get your question a little more exposure, and hopefully, some advice. 

If you do happen to find some information that may be helpful for other developers using Captivate 6, please update this thread.

Thanks and good luck!