Studio 13 has sound but no visuals

I have had 3 modules built in studio 13 loaded into Moodle LMS for over a year.

They are compliance modules and need taking annually. However the modules when launched now only have the narration sound but no visuals at all on the slides they are totally blank.

Any suggestions as to why would be most helpful.

kind regards


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Martin, that's strange! Since the courses have been published and running for over a year and this problem is just popping up, my hunch is that this has something to do with the browsers your learners are using.

Have you found that this happens on all browsers, or a few in particular? These are supported for Studio '13. 

Martin Fenton

Hi Alyssa

Thanks for coming back to me.

Yes strange as you say. There are 8 modules within the LMS 5 of them work
fine with sound and visuals. One now has sound only and no visuals. Two
are locked on the resume screen in studio 13 and the resume button will not
operate. The screen is locked on these 2 modules and I exit via the home
page within the LMS.

I am accessing via chrome latest version and running windows 10 operating

I have the latest adobe flash player so I am not sure what is happening at
this stage.

Your further help would be appreciated.

Kind regards


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Martin,

Thanks for those details! I wouldn't expect any issues with the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10--have you tried any of the other supported browsers to compare?

If you're seeing the same thing in all browsers, let's test the troublesome files in another learning management system. That'll tell us whether the issues are related to the project files or to your LMS. 

Follow these steps to test your files on SCORM Cloud, and let me know if you see the same problems happening there. Keep me posted!

Ali Goulet

Hey Martin!

Thanks for popping in with those details.

Have you been able to test out your course in SCORM Cloud yet? Let us know if you see the same behavior in Chrome there too. 

You're also welcome to share your Articulate Package here as an attachment to a comment and I'd be happy to do some testing with it. 

Let me know!