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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jay,

We are investigation some issues regarding HTML5 functionality, but I'm not able to determine if they're related with the details you provided. 

For the first issue "Notes section gets stuck when moving into the quiz", can you provide some additional information, please?

Does the entire quiz get stuck, or is it just the notes that no longer update/progress/display properly? 

Are you stuck at that point and unable to continue in the quiz? Are you able to continue through the rest of the module through the menu or any other method, or is the entire project stuck?

For the second issue "Drag and drop quiz questions get stuck", I have similar questions.

Are you able to start the quiz at all, or does it get stuck as soon as it opens?

Does the entire project get stuck, or just the quiz?

How are you viewing the HTML5 content? Does this happen when viewing from a PC, iPad or both?

Are you able to recreate the issues in a new project file?

Thanks, Jay!

Jay  Chun

Hi Christine,

It happened on IE10.  Do you have an recommendations on HTML5 testing.  Any sites that test html5 content? Or any recommended plugins to remove flash?

Lastly, do you think it's a little too early to tell clients that they can trust the HTML5 published content to work seamlessly like the flash version?



Jeff Kortenbosch

Jay, in my experience there is a lot that does not work in HTML5, not properly anyway. If I know html5 output is required I tend to simplify all features to a minimum. Particularly when adding animations etc.

I'd recommend to add this page to your favorites: Comparing Articulate Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player Output