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Brian Gil

We weren’t satisfied with the learning games in previous versions of Presenter; they didn’t provide the kind of learning experiences we believe are most effective.

With the new interactions in Engage and the free-form quizzes in Quizmaker, you can easily create more meaningful, interactive learning experiences.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Julia, 

As Brian mentioned, we weren't satisfied with how they worked, so when upgrading an existing presentation to Presenter '13, learning games will be removed.

Here are links about the new interactions in Articulate Engage '13 and the freeform questions in Articulate Quizmaker '13 that we think will provide a much better user experience. I haven't seen a method to transport the learning games into a format to be used in Studio 13. 

DeDe Morton

I agree that the games had some technical problems, but the concept was good. It's a shame that you threw out the baby with the bath water. Now, I have a very short development window for migrating and updating my course from Studio '09 to Studio '13, and I have to take extra time to create more quizzes.  I'm not liking this....