Studio '13 playing from Microsoft OneDrive

My company is moving to OneDrive as a storage solution. Currently, I pull published presentations from the HTML file in the publication folder, and the presentation plays in the browser (only for IE, which is a side problem if anyone knows how to fix that). When I open the same file from OneDrive, however, I just get a one page, mostly blank document. 

Any ideas how to get these products to work together?

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Steve Caponigri


We currently host our eLearning courses on an intranet site, which works out well for learners accessing via their laptop VPNs or while in the office, but we are looking to make the move to include mobile learning. Because of our company policies, the intranet site we are using as an LMS is not available on any phones or tablets.

Our company just introducted OneDrive, and it is accessable via mobile, so we were hoping to use it to host the eLearnings for mobile.

Tom Kuhlmann

There is a free service, Drive to Web, which allows you to server files from One Drive.

Personally, I'd use Amazon S3 because you can control the security and access better. And it's mostly free. If you put the link to it on your intranet, only employees can access it, but it should launch so they can play it outside the intranet on their mobile devices. There are also more things you can do for security, but would need someone to set that up for you.