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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Keith,

The "glow" feature worked for me within my Presenter 13 published version - and just to ensure we're on the same page, here is how I inserted it:

  1. Add an object to my Powerpoint slide
  2. Click on the object to get the Format tab to appear at the top
  3. Went to the Format tab, and in the section labelled "Shape Styles" chose the "Shape Effects" drop down and scrolled down to "Glow" 
  4. Once on the "glow" section I was able to choose from some built in colors/variations or more colors/options
  5. I chose one of the built in options, and it appeared in Preview and Publish

If you're trying to do it a different way, could you describe a bit more about what you're setting up? Thanks! 

Keith Kemsley

Hi Again Ashley!

I'm guessing the same thing is happening here as with PowerPoint symbols...


1. When I insert a glow effect on a new course, it seems to work fine. (This is the most important, of course!)


2. With a '09 to '13 converted course, the glow effect doesn't show up at all

3. If I create a glow effect on the same slide as an existing glow effect that wasn't working, the new glow effect doesn't work

4. If I create a new glow effect on a different slide, the new glow effect shows up fine

5. If I copy the not-working-glow-effect to any other slide, it doesn't work there either

(I haven't fully tested 3 through 5 because I've run out of time!)

I can just PREVIEW the slide to see these results, I don't have to go all the way to PUBLISH to see the errant behavior.

Your devoted fan,


Ashley Terwilliger

Ha! Love the signature here!

I figured since it sounds like we're dealing with the same issues in this thread, and this other one it might be best to keep it all confined in one.  If you're able to share your file, let me know and I'll follow along in the case. If not, I can mock up a sample to share with our Support team on your behalf - just let me know.