Studio 13 Update v3 Right-to-Left text support

Hi all,

Just a quick query regarding one of the new features in v3.

"Improved right-to-left support by reversing the previous and next player buttons"

To date, we've already created several courses in Arabic, but have left the buttons in their native order:

(Prev) (Next)

Now, I'm guessing the update means that, as would make sense for an Arab speaker, this order will be reversed to be:

(Next) (Prev)

Is this feature optional? I don't want to be halfway through a suite with some courses one way, and some the other as the option is forced. We've created 'How To Navigate' Flash file which points at the buttons in their current positions, and therefore need to know if we will definitely need to amend this on update to v3.

I'm hoping that, although we're writing courses in Arabic, we'll be able to leave the player template as is for now, and change at the end of the suite.

Many thanks in advance,


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Brian Batt

Scott Johnson said:

Thanks Brian.

So there's no option that will reverse the text but leave the buttons as is?

Best we not consider updates then!

Thanks again.

Hi Scott,

Depending upon the method that you used, it should just be a matter of updating the Player Text Labels and modifying the branching in Slide Properties.