Studio 360 Slide Sizing/Page Setup

I created a course in Studio 360 and made the Page Setup for 16:9 on screen display, which I thought was 1280 x 627. However, when I published in the LMS, displays small, not 1280 x 627 size. The Page Setup in Studio is in inches - can you tell me what the inches would be to have the 1280 x 627 format so I can update to a Custom Page Setup and relaunch in our LMS to see how that works? Or if there's a better way to obtain the 1280 x 627 format, please advise. Appreciate the feedback.

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Maureen.  One place to check first is your Player Properties window.  By default, Presenter uses a fixed slide width of 720 pixels.  You can change it to match your PowerPoint slide size here:

To convert pixels to inches, you'll need to know that 96 pixels equal 1 inch.

So, 1280 (.010417) x 627 (.010417) works out to be 13.333 x 6.531 inches.  You can use those numbers in your slide size, and make sure your Player respects by checking the "Percentage of PowerPoint slide size" box.  Let me know if that helps!