Studio 360 - Videos get locked up viewing the course


I created a course in ppt that has some 4-5 videos in it. I published and viewed them in Windows 8/10, IE 11 and in Chrome  and found them working. However, when these courses were viewed at my client side, they noticed that the videos get locked up. They found that the videos played fine in Windows 10 but does not play in Windows 7. 

They first thought it was an LMS issue but later after many trials found that the videos didn't play on Windows 7. 

So they have concluded or rather made an assumption that the configuration in Articulate does not accommodate for older versions of Windows ....

Has anyone else faced this issue?



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Sajna Thomas

Hi Ali,

Thank you for responding. I sent the SCORM link to my intermediate client. He said he couldn't view some of the videos as they lock up. But, I was able to view the videos in chrome and IE using the SCORM link. Is there anyway I can send the link privately to you guys to check? 

My final client too complained that the published course link (not the SCORM link) did not play some of the videos. 

I actually re-inserted the videos but it didn't help.

My client is rather upset and wants to know what's the reason for this kind of behavior. I don't mind sending the file but would wish it was dealt with privately. 

Pls let me know what to do.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sajna, we're happy to help you with that! It's always a good idea to have multiple people test it to confirm what you're seeing. ☺️

Since SCORM Cloud is industry standard for LMS testing, we'd expect everything to work correctly in that environment when testing with these browsers. If all goes well, then that's really helpful information to take to your LMS support team.

You can send us the SCORM Cloud link and the original Studio 360 Articulate Package by clicking this link. I'll be standing by!

Sajna Thomas

Thank you so much Alyssa. I wish I was in the same continent as you so I could reply sooner. :-). The waiting till the next day for us here in India is too much.

Pls note the following when I played the SCORM link in the browser:

Google Chrome = All videos played

Microsoft Edge = All videos played

FireFox = All videos played

Internet Explorer (Ver 11.483. 15063.0) = All videos played

Internet Explorer (Ver 11.0.9600.18739) = Videos 4 to 7 did not play. Videos 1-3 played.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sajna, I know the feeling! Communicating across time zones can be a challenge, but thanks for sticking with us on this!

I tested your SCORM Cloud link in my version of IE11 (Ver 11.483. 15063.0), and all the videos played, as you mentioned. I'm going to reach out to our support engineers to weigh in and nail down why Ver 11.0.9600.18739 could be giving you trouble.

Let's keep the conversation going through your case #01111762. As soon as we have more information to share, we'll reach out via!

Tim Kraft

I am Sanja's client and wanted to thank everyone for their help on this issue. We are very proud of the approach we took on this course and hope we can resolve the problem so it can be launched.

The issue is doubly confusing because  the course contains 7 videos in all, taken from two original video sources. Source 1 was used for videos 1-3 and Source 2 for videos 4 - 7. Videos 1 and 2 play fine; none of the others do.

We have a similar course using two other video sources. That course works fine.

Curiouser and curiouser.


Tim Kraft


Sanja already let me know that upgrading to 11.1 would probably solve the
problem, but the end-user/client is a large industrial firm that is not
going to upgrade IE just so they can run this course. I was hoping that,
since the other videos all run fine under 11.0 that there was another fix.


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