Studio 9 Courses not Correctly Updating in PeopleSoft LMS

Employees are mass enrolled in a course (this could be occuring with individual enrollment too).
Several employees will then take the course completely, take the test (sucessfully) and the course is accurately being marked completed in the employees Learning plan.
However, other employees will take the course also, and also pass the test, etc., but the course is not being marked completed on the employees record.
If the same employees (that are not having the course marked as complete), re-take the test, some cases were then being makred complete the second time around.

The data is being sent to PeopleSoft with one of the following status':
1) Status is In Progress with score of over 80% passing
2) Status is In Progress with no score
3) Status is P with score of over 80% passing

Based on internal testing, the data is being sent to PeopleSoft so there are no firewall issues, internet option issues, or blocking. The data appears to be inconsistent.
We are fully aware and understand that this is only compatible with IE7, IE8 or IE9 with compatibility turned on. The trigger appears to be on closing the browser versus passing the test (which is not how the courses are set up - so it is nothing to do with the course set up).

We are using the Articulate Studio 9 software to create courses.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Reshma and welcome to Heroes! 

I would suggest reviewing this article for basic troubleshooting steps. Some questions:

  1. What do you have as your current reporting and tracking options? 
  2. Where is the quiz in the presentation and what are the finish actions that you have set up? 

For a presentation to track properly, the person needs to exit the course by closing the browser window. Are folks doing that? 

If you look at that article, I would suggest testing your content in SCORM Cloud to see if you can duplicate. If you know someone who can consistently duplicate this issue, you may want to get on a or other web conference to see what they are doing and get more specifics about their environment. 

If the quiz is the last slide in the presentation, you might want to consider having the finish button close the browser window and customizing the results slide for Pass and Fail so that you explain to them they need to click the Finish button for the results to record.