Studio Course published in AICC will not launch on LMS using company's peferred IE browser

I tried to deploy a course on our LMS test environment. LMS is successfactors and we use IE 11.  The course does not open-- only a blank screen appears. If I use Chrome to access our test environment (not a company standard option) the course will launch as expected. I worked with the LMS elearning expert jointly with our IT department to ensure no IT software push was at fault. Nothing was discovered. I downloaded the latest updates to 360 and the course still failed. Any thoughts to remedy?

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Dave Neuweiler

Hi Diane ... I'd do two things right away to gather information. First, load the AICC content into SCORM Cloud and check to see if it runs in IE 11. If it does not in SCORM Cloud, then I'd immediately open a ticket with Articulate Support and send them the Articulate Package for the course.

The second thing I'd do is to see which version is not working -- either HTML5 or FLASH. Do this by looking at the address bar in IE.

If HTML5 is playing it'll show like the bolded part in this example:

If Flash is playing, if you'll see this instead:

 Then have a look at your publishing settings. If for example, you published for Flash with HTML5 Fallback, and the Flash version is the that's not running, I'd reverse the order, republish, and try again with HTML5 first. (And of course, vice versa.)

Diane Wells

Thank you for your help.

I tested the course using AICC on Scormcloud and it worked without issue.

I then reversed the setting HTML with Flash fall back to Flash with HTML fall back and it launched successfully. It appears as though the flash fall back was not working.

My company will be moving to Edge for our IE that will not work with Flash. Should the HTML fall back work or will the course need to be republished?

Again, thank you for your help.

Dave Neuweiler

Glad to hear that you got the course to launch. To your question, I think you'll be fine in Edge with Flash first w HTML5 fallback ...

Edge supports Flash and will play it if forced to. Right now, if I use Edge to play a Flash only course, I'm prompted to allow the Flash content to play. If I play a Flash first with HTML5 fallback, Edge automatically defers to the HTML5 version.

Perhaps other community members have a thought?