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Feb 22, 2016

I have noticed lately there are more templates and interactions made for Storyline than Presenter. I have to ask why the push for us to use Storyline? I personally used Storyline for the trial period and was not happy at all, the learning curve for my other developers is just too difficult. Between me and a programmer we could not get the software to perform simple tasks that we can accomplish in PowerPoint. Studio is so easy to learn.

On another note, is there any word on the flash dependency on all of the Articulate products? I am being pushed to review and test other products that are not flash dependent. I know that I can publish to HTML 5 but that does not help when you have to have the current flash version just to run Articulate software.

Sorry for the rant, but when we are being pushed in other directions and cannot get answers, it really makes it hard to justify staying with you.


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Cary Prosser

Hi, June - i found that Flash 19 causes problems with my courses ... I went back to Flash 18 and things seem to be operating much better. Give that a try if you can - it might help. I also had to disable automatic downloads on my system because it kept trying to upgrade me to Flash 19.

By the way - I also use (and like) Studio and agree that the Articulate website now seems to be overshadowed by Storyline. Perhaps they could tweak the Articulate web site so it is a little more clear to find Studio vs Storyline resources and information.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi June,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing that insight. I know the use of Storyline vs. Studio tends to be personal preference and based on needs of what you'll be creating as well. I'll share the insight here with our Community team who generates a lot of the templates - but a number of our examples are created by community members just like yourself - so feel free to post here in the forums and when our team is able to take a look they may include it in the Examples or Downloads sections as well. 

As for Flash, and our future dependency or lack therefore, I'd refer you to product manager, Brian Gil's response in this thread. 

Flash did have some recent challenges that impacted Articulate products as well. And you'll want to take a look at the documented fix here for Flash 19. 

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. 

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