Supported features???

I don't understand why the Teeter animation is listed as a supported feature. It doesn't work properly! The object turns red as soon as the animation finishes. I looked in the forums and this is a known issue, so why is it listed as supported??? 

And why are there so many features that aren't supported. This is starting to drive me crazy. I have to use a bunch of workarounds. 

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Logan and welcome to Heroes! Sorry about the difficulty. Presenter has to read information that is sent to it from PowerPoint in order to create the animations in Flash and sometimes the information Presenter receives makes it a challenge to reproduce some effects that you can do in PowerPoint. Regarding the Teeter animation, you can workaround that by using consecutive spin animations as noted here. You can view a full list of supported animations here. We are aware that folks would like more complete support for PowerPoint animations and that is something we are certainly considering for future releases.