Swf File not loading

I have added a swf file (actually 3 of them) to my course in Articulate.  When I publish the course and house it on Articulate Online the slides with the swf files play when I'm on the computer I published from.   They do not appear if I access the link from another computer.   The slide appears and the status bar at the bottom moves, but no swf file.

I've tried 2 things to trouble shoot the problem with no success:

1.  I deleted the slide and added new ones and imported the swf file again using the flash movie option (set to advance when user clicks and play independently of slide)

2.  I look at slide properties and set them to automatic.  This didn't help at all so I set them back.

This is really frustrating and I'm hoping it's an easy setting or something.  Help?

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Justin Wilcox

I would suggest removing the SWF files. Rename them without using spaces or special characters, reinsert them and see if you have an issue still. So, for example, you could call them something like movie1.swf, movie2.swf and movie3.swf. If that doesn't work, I would send us your project files as outlined here: