Sync Animation - Lost mouse

When I go to sync animation, to sync with a voivceover, it takes several seconds to get there and when the screen opens the mouse pointer is missing. If I roll off the Sync animations screen the mouse works on other programs but if I bring it back to the sync animations screen it's gone, sometimes I can get the mouse to highlight things on the screen so I sort of know where it is but I can't click on anything. We just got the update so we hope that fixes it but if not, anything else that could be causing this?



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John Bellotti

We're also on Windows 7. I've gotten around it so far, I think, by closing out of PowerPoint, deleting the memory cache and then going back in. I noticed the annotation program in Articulate likes to keep running so sometimes I'll also have to go into the task manager and shut down that process in addition to PowerPoint and that seems to work too (at least for a while). It seems to be worse when I'm working remotely which makes me wonder if it's not internal secuity or network related.

Thanks for the additional info.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi John and Katherine!

This is an issue that was reported before, but as you can probably imagine with your own testing, it's hard to 'catch' and reproduce in a consistent manner so that we can get to the bottom of it. 

I've actually not seen much about it since October.

There is another thread here where this was discussed and I'm going to link this thread to our QA Team as well.

If your issue is predictably reproducible, I would encourage you to share your file so that our team can look further into this.