Sync Animations

Dear heroes,

For sync animations I do the following:

1-  import audio

2- go to sync animations tab

3- click on the sync animations during the audio track to animate my slides

4- click on stop sync when it is over

5- click on the small play button to review and make sure all is in its place

When I save and close to return to the presentation - and I do preview or publish to confirm the final result all syncs are delayed (they are no longer like I saw when I hit the play button).

Can you tell me how to resolve this?

Many thanks,


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Rita Bragadesto

Hi Leslie,

I am using Studio 13 but these presentations were initially made on studio 9 then upgraded.

My colleague with studio 13 manages to sync perfectly the same presentation on her computer, you think this is something to do with the machine?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Articulate.

Many thanks,

Dave Neuweiler

Hello Rita, this may be the cause of the issue, though I don't know whether Presenter '13 is affected in the same way:

To make a long story short, try syncing the animation on a few screens without reviewing your work in "Sync Animations." Instead, close Sync Animations and then preview or publish to test.

Hope that helps!

Rita Bragadesto

Hi Dave,

I tried this and it did not work :(

Even if I just use the sync animations button to trigger the animations, then I do stop sync and save and return directly - the sync when I do preview or publish is all out of sync :(

Any other idea? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program already and it did not resolve.

I really need to have this working properly...

Many thanks for all the help you can give,


Dave Neuweiler

Thanks, Rita. One other thing I can think of to check is to make sure that there is no embedded audio in the PowerPoint slides. If there is audio embedded in the PPT slide, and then you import audio in Articulate, then the embedded audio plays first, followed by the imported audio.

Most often, if there is audio in your PPT, you'll see the small speaker icon on the screen. But audio can also be embedded in PPT as a slide transition, and the speaker icon does not appear.