Sync-ing a challenge

Hi there.

I have a video in the presenter panel and I'm trying to sync animations and annotations with it. This seems to be particularly challenging, taking me a lot of time, so I'm wondering if there is any smarter way to do it. This is what I've tried:

- copied the video on the slide - did the sync-ing while watching the movie. When I moved the video back to the presenter panel, they were out of sync

- I watched a preview of the slide with the video in the presenter panel, noted down the timing on where the different animations and annotations should come in. Did the sync in "blind", not seeing the video, just following the timelines that I noted down earlier and obviously they were out of sync again when I had to rewatch it. I need to do several tries and calculations, till I get them right.

- Finally, when after hard work everything was in sync, I got it published and I was told by someone watching it from Singapore, that the video and annotations were out of sync again.

Your help would be much appreciated, as I have several modules to do and I would really like to cut the time I'm spending on sync-ing.



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