Sync Problem

Aug 18, 2014

Hi - I'm trying to sync some audio with a slide however there are 4 animations, but for some reason in the sync animation window when I click them only 3 are displaying. When I preview the slide in Powerpoint slideshow, all the animations are working fine, however not in the sync animation window! Please can you advise - this is really challenging!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom!

You may notice that animations suddenly stop playing if the duration of the animations is longer than the slide audio. In Articulate Presenter '13, audio takes precedence over animations when determining the duration of a slide. If you need animations to continue playing after the slide audio has finished, see this article for a workaround.

Tom MacKay

Thanks, but that isn't the problem. It seems to be syncing on slides with larger audio files that is the problem. Slides with less audio don't seem to have the issue but all of the slides with larger audio files do. Just like the audio editor can't handle large file sizes, this may be the problem here. I would really like to see if someone can look into these issues because they are a big problem for me. How do I go about suggesting technical problems to look into please?

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