Synced animations not working on iPads


I am trying to publish an Articulate LMS program that has "fly in" text tips.  I created text boxes in PowerPoint, created a fly in animation and then synced it using the Articulate "Sync Animations" tool. 

When I publish I select the option to make it mobile friendly.  When we view it on a PC it works great. ...  however when we view it on a iPad the flyin's just flash on the screen and are not synced...

I think it's because the animations are being saved as flash files, which are not supported on iPads...  So we are okay with an alternative but I don't know what that would be.... 

Is there any way I can get a fade/fly in text box to appear that is synced to the voice?  I have a sample file attached.

Thank you in advance!


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Mary Goeman

Okay I did the update!

Also - I found the article about "supported articulate animations" and updated all of my animations to "appear" - which seems to be supported in all formats.

Now I am having issues with anything but an iPad air being able to produce the animations on time...or at all in some cases.