Syncing not working

May 16, 2011

The following is occuring for only one of my slides:

I sync the animation with the imported audio file, and when I play back the sync, it shows correctly. However, when I Preview the slide, the syning acts as if I've never synced the images, and they start to appear on their own. I did notice that when I start the sync, I had to click START SYNC twice to get the first image to appear...the other slides first image appears on the first click.

Any ideas?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Ernestine!

Are you able to share any more details on the issue you're experiencing? It's possible that you may find your animations are not synchronized as expected if all the following criteria are true:

    * You attempted to sync the same slide more than once using the Sync Animations tool.

    * You did not click the Save & Close button in the Sync Animations tool between attempts.

    * You used the Play button in the Sync Animations tool to preview the slide.

Please review the following article for more information:

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