Syncing text with audio

Hi everyone.  I'm trying out my first slide in PowerPoint right now with Articulate features.  Before, I always just created my video in Flash and just used Articulate as a player.

So, I want some text to fade in and then out at certain points in the video, lined up with the audio.  I went to 'sync animation', but it says I have no animations in this slide.  I put a custom animation of 'Fade In' with each text box and to happen 'with previous'.  I don't understand why it's telling me I have no animation.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Tammy Smith

Brian, does Articulate not support the checkerboard animation?  I would probably never use it, but when I was messing around with it just now, I put a checkerboard exit animation on one of my text boxes and it didn't preview with it.  It played fine during the Sync Animation process, but when I went to preview the slide, it just faded out instead of doing the checkerboard animation.