Table lines are not published properly in Articulate Presenter 13 - Update 4


We are using Articulate Presenter 13 - Update 4 and the table lines in PPT source files are not converted properly in HTML5 output file. Please refer screen shot images below:

PPT Source file - Table lines are circled in green:

PPT source file screen shot


Articulate Presenter - HTML5 output. Missing table lines are circled in red.

Articulate Presenter 13 - HTML5 output

The reason is, table content is not grouped in PPT source file. However, if we group them in PPT file, the table lines are converted properly . But, it is very time consuming efforts and we need to check each slides carefully. Can you please look into this issue and resolve at the earliest?





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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Venkat!

This is actually an issue that has been shared with our QA Team and seems to be affected by lines that are 1pt and below in the HTML5 output.

So, a heavier 'weight' line should display as well.

I will add this thread for awareness and to provide another update when applicable.

Thanks for your feedback Venkat!