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Aug 17, 2011

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a project and just tried publishing it to test out what I've created so far.  I'm getting some errors wtih my Table of Contents.  When I publish I have items in the TOC that display the arrow indicated a sub-item (ie. 1 -2 level); however, I only have items in my slide properties set to 1 level.  I don't want to see the arrows appear on my TOC. 

I've attached the images:

as you can see everything below the "communication" shoudl be hidden - so an arrow shouldn't appear.  This worked for the other items below (Responsiveness, client centricity, etc...).  Any solutions?

I've also noticed that many of my hyperlinks within the objects (click boxes or other linked - text) are taking me to incorrect pages.  Very strange.  This is the first time i've encountered this issue.  Haven't had this happen with other projects...


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