Feb 06, 2018

Hello again,


Another issue which seems to be occurring in Presenter 360 is that of powerpoint table sometimes not being rendered correctly after publishing. Sometimes it is ok, but other times the tables 'explode', the text is all over the place. It seems Articulate does this randomly.


Has anyone experience this issue?



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Leslie McKerchie

Sorry to hear that you've run into a similar issue Andrey. As you can see in that thread, the issue happened inconsistently for users and we had trouble reproducing. I certainly invite you, as Ashley shared above to share your Articulate Package so that we can take a look. If you cannot share it here in the forums, you are welcome to share it here privately.

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kristy. Very sorry you've come across this problem.

I shared your experience in our report so we can keep you updated on any new developments on this behavior. The current workaround is to save the table as a picture and then replace the original table with the saved image. However, I can appreciate that might not be ideal.

Let us know, as our Support team is happy to dig into your Articulate Package to explore other possible options!

Dianne Hall

I have this problem too.  I currently have another ticket in with Articulate.  But I have had multiple tickets in before for the same issue.  Maybe the outcome this time will be different but I am not holding out much hope,  The issue is intermittent and random.  Tables render correctly just long enough for you to think the issue has been resolved - and then boom - it is back and another whole day/week is wasted.  And you do not have a course that can be used.  Sigh.  And the responses so far have been that they cannot reproduce the issue so there is nothing they can do. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Dianne,

Thanks for chiming in and sharing the conversation you had with my teammate, Renson. We have recorded this issue as a bug and a possible workaround, for now, would be to save the table as a picture and replace the original table.

Sorry for the trouble, but we'll be sure to update everyone in this discussion of any progress that's made!

Katie Riggio

Great news, everyone!  

To follow up on Ren's post: We released a new update for Studio 360; check out all the latest improvements here!

In this update, we fixed the issue in Presenter 360 where table text could display all together in a single cell.

Here's how you can update your authoring apps. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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