Teeter annimation

Hey - can anyone advise on how to get a teeter animation to show in Presenter? I created a "button" -- like a lapel button -- and I want it to teeter until it is clicked -- sort of the alternative to the flashing light :- )

It teeters--- but the button ONLY reflects as a red circle - not the attractive lapel button with writing on it.... I married shapes together and even save the grouping as a png file... still it only shows the color red teetering.

I know it is probably something silly - but can anyone help me?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Tammy!

If you use a Teeter animation to add emphasis to an object in your presentation, you may find that the object also changes color when the animation plays in your published presentation.

This is a known issue.  You can workaround it by using consecutive Spin animations to mimic the effect of the Teeter animation.

Let me know if the Spin animation will work for you.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Pj!

Are you just wanting the animation to loop over and over? If so, what you could do is create an object with that animation and duplicate it. Then, have the duplicate objects appear in the timeline one after another. 

So, if you want it to slowly spin, you could create one object with "Spin" and "Very Slowly" options. Use the timeline and cue points to determine when the animations start and stop. Then adjust the time for that object to match the time of the animation. Duplicate the object and place the second object in the same location on the slide, then arrange the second object so that it starts when the first object's animation finishes. You could continue doing this for the entire length of your timeline. Also, keep in mind that you can duplicate multiple items at a time. This may save you some work if your timeline is fairly long. 

In the end, if you like the way this works, but you don't want all the objects in your slide, you could also create a single video screen recording of the animation and then just insert it as a video. 

I hope this helps!