Template question -- blue frame around template

I've been playing with the template in Articulate Presenter 09  to try out the various customization options.  I've added a company logo, but still see a blue frame surrounding "my" template.  The blue frame contains the red articulate logo on the top left and duplicates the name of the lesson.  

How can I remove this blue frame?  I did not see an option to colorize it to match corporate colors, much less remove it completely.  

Can someone provide me some guidance?  Thanks. 

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jeanne,

Regarding the border you're seeing - would you be able to post a screenshot so that we can better see what you're wanting to achieve? I have a hunch though that the border you're speaking of is the outermost border of the player, which unfortunately there's not an option within Presenter to remove. You might be able to get the look you want by going with a custom skin though. There are some skins available in the downloads section that you could experiment with: http://community.articulate.com/downloads/g/presenter/default.aspx

jeanne strayer


Yes, I believe I'm talking about the outermost border of the player.  Thanks for letting me know there is not an option within Presenter to remove it.  Let me play around a bit with the custom skins.  I appreciate the link and the help.  (So much to learn.....)   Thank you, again.