Testing a Free Emergency First Aid App

Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the correct forum but I have been asked to develop a free first aid program (with elearning content) designed to promote CPR, in particular hands-only CPR. 

Part of the project is an  Emergency First Aid app for Smartphones. I have just finished the draft for an Iphone that has an emergency procedure algorythm and a few other links. I was wondering if anyone would like to download it and provide feedback on how easy it is to use etc.

Although written for Australia and New Zealand, the information is still relevant globally (except the Heimlich Manouvre is not recommended in this part of the world for choking).  As this project grows, based on interest I will produce something for the US/Canadian/Uk/European and Asian regions.

It is designed to coach persons through an emergency if they just don't know what to do. Any feedback is appreciated.

It is written in html5 so you can also open it on a normal computer browser. Based on feedback, the completed version will be completed shortly.  It can be viewed on a computer or downloaded onto your Iphone here

Kind regards


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