Text Box Shifts slightly left in preview

I think the slide mast is actually shifting to the right, which makes it look like the text box is shift to the left. I use PPT 2010 ArticulatePro and Windows 7. This is only happening on title slides and only a few of them. Here is what I have done:

1. created a new title text box

2. Created a new slide and added a new text title.

3. I have changed to a different font

4. Searched the forum and tried saving the presentation to HTM (Which isn't an option when I do a save as in PPT 2010 only xml)

5. Saved as a PNG graphic (This is why I believe the master is moving and not the text slide.

Can you help? This is a 91-slide presentation that I don't want to have to recreate. Thanks - Greg

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Greg Davis

Hey Justin,

Thanks so much for this opportunity. I have solved my problem in the interim. Let me explain. I learned that one of my MASTER Slide LAYOUTs didn't have anything on it except a graphic line and a pre-typed section name. For some reason, without a placeholder in the master, when I added a Sub-title to the slide (not LAYOUT) it shifted the master to the right about 1/4 inch when previewed in Presenter.

I created a new layout with text placeholders (unused) and everything worked fine. This was happening with two of my Layouts and both are corrected now.