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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robin! Are you testing and seeing this behavior in the Articulate Mobile Player on your iPad? I do see where this has been reported to our QA Team.

I will add this thread for our team and so that I can update this thread when applicable.

As a workaround:

1. Insert the text (that you need to hyperlink) in a separate text box

2. Right-click the text box to save as picture (PNG)

3. Delete text from original text box and insert this image from Step 1 and 2 

4. Add hyperlink to the image 

Jim Powell

Wow. This is huge.  I have been trying to do this for what... four years now. I've literally had to stop marketing iOS training courses because of this bug.  The programs on which I've spent many hundreds of hours working just don't work on the iPad.  I just did a quick run-through a couple minutes ago and with the new Articulate player seems to fix MOST of the errors and problems.

The screens display (whereas many would showup blank if there was a link on the page)... but the only two issues remaining are:

* Image links don't load in articulate player
* Embedded .pdf's don't load either

I am sitting here with the same page open in a browser on my pc and on my iPad, they both render correctly but the iPad won't load a pdf or image when I click on the link for it.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jim,

Thanks for testing it out and coming back around with those pieces of information. As for the two issues that you're still experiencing,  how are you linking and embedding those items? The mobile player doesn't allow for file hyperlinking, so that could be why they're not displaying as expected and you'll see that noted in the comparison chart linked. If I'm misunderstanding are you able to share a copy of your .story file and perhaps a screen shot of what you're seeing?