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I recently upgraded to Articulate '13 and various preset colour themes that were created in Art '09 were imported with the upgrade. These generally seem to be working OK but the colour of the text in the body of various interactions is being taken from the preset colour scheme rather than what I set it to. Is this something I can change?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna, 

Are you referring to colors within an Engage interaction? You should be able to open the Interaction and edit it by clicking on the "Edit in Engage" button if the interaction is within a slide, and if it's within a Player tab, click on the "Engage Interaction" button on the Articulate ribbon and on the Player tabs window, there will be a button to "Edit interaction in Engage." 

If you're making the changes, but they're not keeping once you "Save and Return to Presenter" are you able to package  your Presenter files and share with us here?