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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alan,

I need a little more information about this, if possible. Is the text grouped to any other objects, or in CAPS? 

Text in your presentation may not publish as expected if all of the following criteria are true:

   *  You are using PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2007.

   *  All Caps formatting is applied to your text.

   *  The text box is grouped with one or more objects on the slide.

Please review this article for more information and a solution

If this isn't the case, can you share a screenshot that shows how the text is being cut off at the bottom, please? You can take a screenshot by pressing ALT+Print Screen. Then paste (CTRL+V) into a Word document, save the file and attach it to your response by using the paperclip icon.

Thanks, Alan.


Alan Albert

Using PPT 2007. No all caps used anywhere. Text boxes look ok. In fact the lines of text look cropped in the course but not when I do a snag it grab and attach it to you.  I can't duplicate what we're seeing on our computersby capturing the screen and placing in a Word doc. Is this a screen resolution problem? Something to do with compression? It's driving the design and development team mad and we're reluctant to send the course to the client because of the way it appears.

Christine Hendrickson

Good Morning Alan,

I think this may be related to the problem in your previous post, here

Have a look at this info, it may solve the problem:

Articulate Studio '09 is only supported with a system DPI setting of 96. If you're using a DPI setting other than 96, you'll encounter erratic behavior in the desktop applications and the published output. The following list provides some examples of unexpected behavior that you may encounter: 

*  Elements of the application appear misplaced or distorted.
*  When previewing, content is distorted.
*  The published output is distorted or doesn't display correctly.
*  Annotations are misplaced.
*  Lengthy slide notes won't scroll when recording narration.
*  Your logo doesn't display correctly.
To resolve these issues, change your system's DPI to 96. Here's how: 
Presenter '09: 
Alan Albert

Thank you Christine for all the time you've taken to answer my crazy questions. My desktop and laptop computers are both set the 100% so I assume that would be 96 dpi. No improvement. I've tried every fix that has been suggested the past couple of days and nothing seems to resolve the line clipping issue. Very odd.

I can only think that something happened to the PowerPoint early on. We were using 16pt Arial for all text and bullets before we published the first time. We reduced the font size to 12 and then went up to 13 for the body. Nothing has worked to this point. 

I'll keep trying remedies.