Text in Boxes Animating either Text or Box, not both


I'm having a presentation-wide issue with some of my boxes when animating using a simple Fade.

I have boxes at the top of each of my slides with text inserted (not a text box over a shape, but text within the shape itself). On some slides, the box will not appear at all but the text will appear, and on others, the box appears but the text does not.

On yet other slides with shapes that contain text, the box will never fade or move and sit on the slide for the entire slide, but then the text appears and disappears as instructed.

Everything works fine in PowerPoint and when I run the presentation, but when I preview or publish with Articulate I run into this issue.

I would take the text out of the shapes and just place it on top of the shapes and assign animation to both objects, but I've had A LOT of issues with boxes moving around after publishing so that the object is no longer where I put it after publishing, and this is a 55 slide project and doing this work around will take HOURS.

Any solutions? Am I animating wrong? Does Articulate not support objects with text? Please help. On a deadline and loosing my mind :/

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