Text in "Notes" being centered

Oct 09, 2013

I have published a number of presentations upgraded from Presenter 09 and the notes are being centered. 

Other presentations don't suffer the same issue, but I've checked and double checked this presentation and have no idea where the centering is coming from. 

Shouldn't it just read the formatting of the notes section?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel,

First, make sure that you're not formatting the notes via PowerPoint's Note Master:

Formatting Notes Via the Notes Master in PowerPoint Doesn't Work in Articulate Presenter

If that doesn't help, have you tried the suggestion that Justin shared earlier? It seems that was the solution for Joe. 

If not, please try following the steps outlined in this article:

Here's how to fix a corrupt PowerPoint file

Let us know if you try those steps and still have trouble with the formatting of the notes.


Anna Pellnas


Same here! =O  We tried everything from formatting text inside power point in the note pages to taking text out from note pages, to format free software such as Notepad and clearing all formatting, and back into note pages, trying different Player templates. The only thing we still have not really confirmed is that my colleages computer seems not to create centered note text in player but my computer do. zcxzaxdfgcxfgzdfg!!!??? CAN it be something to do with computer settings????


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Anna!

Have you looked at another presentation? Is it happening to all? As you can see from this thread, it's been various issues for each user.

I'm not aware of computer settings that could drive this, but as you're witnessing, if it cannot be replicated on another computer, I'm curious as to if it's happening to all of your projects or just the one? Perhaps Justin's solution above will assist you.

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