Text in Notes panel of Articulate Presenter'13 Update 2

Jun 04, 2014

I have searched for this everywhere and have found no resolution. Since the update 2, the text in the notes panel appears very light in color and almost blurry. I saw one post to lock the optimal size down, but it still appears this way when you do that. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi June! For the most part, our issues with the notes panel was corrected in Update 2, but we did have a few users that still had an issue that our QA Team took a look at. I do believe that it is due to be corrected in our next update, although I do not know the date on that. I will add this thread to the list so that I can pop in and provide an update when this is available.

Tracy Griffith

June and Leslie,

I'm experiencing the same problem.  What do you mean when you say to lock the optimal size down?  I also seem to have an outline around the text - it looks like a text box with a border - in the notes panel and for the life of me I can't figure out how to make it go away. 

Any suggestions?  Thanks so much for your help!


Richard Schumaker

I downloaded and installed the update but I am still having the same problem as Tracy. I have an outline around the text - it looks like a text box with a border. Some of the slides look fine and some have the box see the images.

Text box looking notes panel:

Normal text box without the box.

These slides are from the same presentation.

Richard Schumaker

Leslie, you were right, thank you. However, for anyone else that experiences this issue there are a couple of things I want to pass along. First, I have no idea how the notes panels got reformatted. The only thing I can think of is, although I usually use a text editor to cut and paste slide notes, in this case I may have used a Word doc on some slides and the paste may have also pasted the Word formatting. This could explain why some slides were OK and some were not.

Next, reformatting the Notes Master and applying the changes to all slides did not work. I had to go to each affected slide and manually change it. Here is what has to be done.

First, click on View and then on Notes Page. The changes can ONLY be made on the Notes Page. The slides with a problem all have a border around the notes box. You have to click outside the box to see the border. (see image below):

Next, right click inside the box, select the Shape Outline (second icon from the right on bottom row) and change it to No Outline. Then select the Shape Fill (third icon from the right on bottom row) and change it to No Fill. I use a Mac so the location of the icons may be different on a Windows box.

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