text labels shifting off tabs to center of screen

Jun 08, 2012

We are experiencing a display problem with published files.

  • Text labels (outline notes, etc.) will shift position, off the menu tabs and over to the center of the course content slides
  • They will shift as far as the middle of the presentation. 
  • We are seeing this issue on old files that we've checked to confirm that it is the display environment and not a problem with the source PPT or publishing process.

This is only appearing in IE8 on Windows 7

On the same machine, the course will look fine in Chrome, Safari, etc.

Anyone else having this problem, know where it comes from, and how it can be fixed?

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Alexander Covan

We did not receive any additional information after submitting our files to Articulate.

Our observations led us to believe that this has to do with IE rendering the output.

I noticed that I would see the issue in old courses published by the team up to a year ago. and the issue only appeared in IE8 running on windows 7. 

This is fairly important as our internal clients at a brand name Pharmaceutical company are all required to use the specific version of IE deployed by IT.

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